The Crown on Year Head book coverThe Crown on Your Head
New York Times Bestseller

On the day that we met and I put you to bed,
I noticed a crown on the top of your head.
It was made up of sparkling, glimmering things
like moonlight and fireflies, and dragonfly wings.

I'm sure I don't have to tell you that your children are extraordinary. But my newest book does anyway. I hope it helps you convey to them just how magnificent they are... so magnificent that they are born with a crown that will never leave them.

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Publishers Weekly

The Crown on Your Head Nancy Tillman Feiwel and Friends, $16.99 (32p) ISBN 978-0-312-64521-2 Tillman (On the Night You Were Born) continues her project of nurturing children's self-esteem, creating a cascade of dreamlike spreads to accompany verses assuring them that "[t]he world is a wonderland waiting for you." Her familiar brand of atmospheric, digitally created images show children who wear crowns "made up of sparkling, glimmering things/ like moonlight and fireflies, and dragonfly wings." These children are not the only ones who wear a crown; every child has one, Tillman explains: "No one's is brighter, no one's is duller./ It's only a crown of a different color." Tillman's montages begin with an infant and toddlers, before showing older children perching in a tree house, riding a cheetah, leaping with gazelles, and wearing a cape made of butterflies that come to life and flitter away. There's something magical about the idea of intimacy with wild animals; spreads in which Tillman imagines such interactions, like the cover image of the child asleep astride a zebra, have special power, especially as they're rendered with photograph-like verisimilitude. Tillman's affirmations will please her loyal audience: "Blink three times and... there you are!/ You are twinkling, little star!" Ages 4–8.

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